Insecure Writers Support Group for September

The first Wednesday of the month the Insecure Writers Support Group hosts blog post sharing. The Group generates a question to stimulate bloggers’ thoughts of the insecurities of writing. Below is a link to a list of links to the blog posts for this month. The writing prompt question for September is: September 1 questionContinue reading “Insecure Writers Support Group for September”

Dear Inner Critic

Dear Inner Critic, I guess I should write, “Dear Inner Critics.” I really think it’s kinda like the guy from which Jesus drove out a legion of demons. I have a few dozen inner critics. I’d like to tell you all to shut the hell up, but maybe I should let you go on blabbingContinue reading “Dear Inner Critic”

Need to Connect

We all know if an attack comes from where you are expecting you have a better chance of defending yourself. I didn’t have a clue what it was that came at me, and I was equally clueless the direction from which it would come. Some entity, for some reason, didn’t want me to get toContinue reading “Need to Connect”

Divided Christianity

I admit this is the top thing that really bugs me. John chapter 17 records Jesus’s high priestly prayer. Jesus prayed for all of his followers to be united. One would think all followers of Jesus would take this seriously, since Jesus prayed for it. Followers of Jesus seem to give this not even slightContinue reading “Divided Christianity”